Apple WWDC 2021

 Apple Yesterday held the 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC2021) online through the launch of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, macOS at the opening keynote speech. Monterey and others are used in the system update of its various product lines.

The Apple Global Developers Conference mainly faces Apple software/ecological developers and is held regularly every June. In previous years, the main purpose of WWDC was to officially release its software systems, system services, and development tools, and to organize developers to discuss relevant issues with Apple’s software engineers face-to-face.

Due to the pandemic, starting in 2020, WWDC has been held online. This year’s WWDC is still held online, and there is no hardware release. And different from previous years, the boundaries between major systems are not so obvious but are connected in series through a certain function or service, emphasizing the ability of multi-device collaboration.

This year’s WWDC’s hot scene animation is very bright. In the seemingly unchanged developer avatar group, one or two golden sentences float from time to time, and even the slogan “Audience friends, I want you to die” is used.


iOS 15 


The keynote speaker of this conference was Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software engineering. After Cook’s brief greeting, he introduced iOS 15.

iOS15 supports image recognition function, which can convert images into text

The image recognition function is very common on the Android platform, but it is supported for the first time in iOS15. The system can automatically recognize the text using the camera to take a picture of the text. Currently, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese can be recognized. And the system can also identify various information in the picture, such as a restaurant, and find restaurant information after identification. In addition, the album function can also use the music in Apple Music to be used in the automatically generated albums.



macOS code-named Monterey, iPad, and Mac can be used seamlessly

The Universal Control function connects iPad and Mac products seamlessly. The two can directly jump to the iPad without configuring the mouse connected to the Mac and can retrieve the files on the iPad and move them to the Mac, which truly realizes the mutual cooperation of the two systems.

macOS Monterey added a shortcut function, which previously appeared on iOS and iPadOS. The shortcut function can help you simplify the complicated functions before.

The Safari browser has been redesigned on the interface, adding aggregation tags, and the tabs are more concise while extending the color of the web page to make the whole page more integrated.

watchOS 8

Health App launches three new functions, watchOS 8 adds new monitoring exercises

Use the gyroscope in the iPhone to detect whether there is a risk of falling based on the number of steps and the step frequency. The Trends function is to merge multiple detections together to give a comprehensive trend. The third item is the ability to share health data with family doctors to play a role in supporting medical data.

The breathing function of watchOS 8 adds a meditation function and redesigned the animation. In addition, a character’s dial is added to the dial. watchOS 8 can automatically recognize pictures, separate characters, and backgrounds, and present a new dial. watchOS 8 is still upgrading its information function.


Siri upgrade supports offline mode use Apple emphasizes that its data is handled locally as much as possible, which also allows some simple commands to not need to be connected to the Internet, such as simple command operations such as opening the App and setting an alarm clock.


In iOS15, the new FaceTime supports the Android platform, Windows platform, and even the web for the first time. Basically, all platforms can be unimpeded. And added a new function shareplay. shareplay can share apps, pictures, songs, etc. you use when using Facetime with your friends. Apple has also opened up the API platform to allow more developers to access the Shareplay function. At present, applications such as hulu and HBO Max have access to the Shareplay function.

Xcode Cloud

Xcode Cloud will open a limited public beta today, and it is expected to expand further this fall, and then open to all developers next year. Pricing and availability details will be announced later.

Xcode Cloud makes it easier for development teams to collaborate. It builds applications in the cloud to free up the processor cycles of the application. Xcode Cloud: Thanks to automatic compilation in the cloud, local Mac devices can free up energy to perform other tasks, and collaboration between teams is also easier. On every Apple device and platform, automated tests can be run in parallel and then distributed to the development team and TestFlight participants.

iCloud to iCloud+

Upgrade from iCloud to iCloud+ to support digital asset transfer

According to the press conference, a major update of iCloud during this upgrade process is to start to support password retrieval through contact-assisted verification, which further facilitates Apple users to retrieve iCloud passwords.

In addition, for user data in the cloud, iCloud also allows users to transfer their digital assets to their relatives or other trusted persons. “This is a function similar to digital heritage. When the owner of the data cannot use his own When it comes to numbers, he will be able to transfer these assets to other trusted people.” The spokesperson said.

AirPods Pro


AirPods Pro supports search function, Apple Music spatial audio is also coming

I believe that many users have experienced the experience of losing AirPods Pro. In this system upgrade, Apple upgraded AirPods Pro and AirPods Max to support the search function. It is somewhat similar to AirTag, it can be located on the Internet or the Bluetooth of the surrounding Apple products, and it can be searched for the entire headset or single ear.

In addition, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max support Dolby Atmos sound effects, and the first batch has thousands of music support.


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