Introduction to MongoDB

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to install Mongo, then start using it to store and query data. I’ll also look at how to interact with a Mongo database from within a Node program, and also highlight some of the differences between Mongo and a traditional relational database (such as MySQL) along the way. What […]

Top 12 Flutter Widgets to Know in 2021

flutter is one of the most popular frameworks for developing mobile, web, and desktop applications. It is full of widgets and it makes it more sustainable. Flutter widgets are used for developing high-quality cross-platform applications because they are customizable and offer extensive flexibility & fluidity that can be the best fit for any mobile app […]

Best Practices in Laravel You Should Know

  Nowadays, every web developer codes in their own style. It’s the same if we’re working using the Laravel framework where everything is in place but usually we misused the terminology here. It’s fine when it comes to different styles, but we must make sure that our codes follow the best practices. This means, our […]

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