What is NFC? How NFC works? All about NFC technology.

All about NFC technology

NFC or Near Field Communication is the standard for short-frequency radio waves. Some NFC chips can send and receive information to another NFC device, extending its capabilities to cash transactions. This wireless technology is gradually approaching daily life now.

NFCs are based on pre-existing RFID technology. Charles Walton patented RFID on May 17, 1983. The NFC adopted the ISO / IEC standard in 2003. In 2004, Nokia, Philips, and Sony formed the NFC Forum, which now includes credit card companies and a number of institutions, including banks.


Usage opportunities



There are already a large number of NFC-enabled smartphones on the market. Even after purchasing goods from supermarkets, it is still not possible in this country, but in other countries, when you bring your phone closer to the payment machine (sometimes you have to enter a PIN number), the payment will be made from the bank account. So forgetting credit/debit/loyalty cards is not a problem for them.

Some bank cards in the country also state that you can pay without touching the “)))” sign. Depending on the product nature of the card, you may have NFC or RFID technology.

If you want to insert bank cards into your phone and pay, you need to have an app that supports it. Services like Google Wallet, Samsung Pay are not available at the time of writing, so no matter how many features your phone has, it will not work. 

For example

There are smart door products that can be turned off by NFC. Then you can close the phone and unlock it without having to spend time looking for the keys. NFC technology is also used for advertising in other countries, where more information is available when the phone is attached to an ad.

There are many things you can do with programmable NFC tags that are also very affordable. For example, such a tag placed near the bed can automatically mute the ringtone when the phone is approached at night, and if there are smart light bulbs, they can do many things instantly. Or you can make an instant call to a phone number or send an emergency message.

If your phone has NFC then you have the opportunity to circulate data with other NFC phones. Android phones can use Android Beam, which allows you to send small contacts, links, and pair Bluetooth / WiFi Direct when the two phones are placed close to each other or on top of each other.


How it works



For devices with NFC. It has the ability to exchange data from a distance of up to 4 cm. Also, electricity is not required to operate NFC tags. How can that be? Behind all this are magnetism and the amazing dynamics of electricity.

This physical phenomenon is called inductive coupling. Here, when another coil is approached, one of the coils supplied with electricity is energized by the jump of electrons. At science fairs, when a light bulb is brought close to the surface of a table (with a hidden coil), you see it glow.

A power coil is placed under the table, and the presence of a barrier called a table does not interfere with the electrical induction.

In NFC technology, too, when the phone is attached to NFC tags, it receives power, activates, and transfers its data to the phone.

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