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Unleashing the Power of UX Design: Your Secret Weapon for Business Growth

user experience interface design
user experience design

if a user having a problem,
it’s our problem.

– Steve Jobs

What is a UX design?

UX (User Experience) – The company revolves around all aspects of end-user interaction with its products and services. Central to the user experience is the discovery of the correlation between business objectives and user needs. Simply put, it’s about how the user feels when using your application, website, software or any product. It gives the user preferences, perceptions, feelings, emotions and much more. A positive UX design increases interaction, accessibility, and enjoyment with your website or application.

Benefits of an effective UX design

Increases brand loyalty 

Brand loyalty is the tendency of consumers to continuously purchase one brand’s products over another.  Building brand loyalty is the essence of any business. A hassle-free user experience attracts users at a glance and keeps them for a long-term connection. User-centric UX design and continuous debugging are key to retaining the user and maintaining brand loyalty.

  • Increases their willingness to pay 
  • Reduces their reluctance to switch brands
  • Boosts their likelihood to recommend a product

Low Implementation cost & support costs

It is very important to focus on UX design in the early stages of product development. If you do not have the right UX and build the product after spending a lot of money, your customers will not stick to the product. After launch, it will take time and money to rebuild the product, and sometimes investors and consumers will be forced to abandon their product.

Having the right user experience makes it easy for your visitors to get all the information about the products or services on your website. If users get all their queries answered on the website, they will not need to be assisted. This will reduce your support costs. An effective UX designing can save a significant amount of cost in product development.

Supports SEO

A profitable UX design has made a significant contribution to the SEO rankings. The ultimate goal of a search engine is to provide information to users in a fast and easy way. There are various factors that make a search engine used to monitor user connection, UX design has a direct and powerful impact. There are many factors to consider in UX design, to provide a better user experience, (increase loading time or page speed, have good mobile responsiveness, and implement a user-friendly URL structure.) 

Ishanka T Senavirathna
UX Designer @ CodezillaLK

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